Bicycle rack

The fastest way to load and unload your bike.

Made of anodized aluminum and uniquely designed, this bicycle rack enables you to transport your bike in complete safety regardless of your destination. It is exceptionally lightweight and durable. Easy to use, the bike can be attached in less than 10 seconds and it protects the bike's frame without any points of contact. Fits 20 to 29-inch wheels. Available for oversized wheels (fat bike).

* Patent pending

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Weight10 pd  •  4.53 kg
Tow-bii - Support à vélo
Tow-bii - Support à vélo - fixation roue arrière
Tow-bii - Support à vélo - fixation roue avant
Tow-bii - Support à vélo - exemple avec vélos sur deux supports
bike rack hitch
bike rack hitch
trailer bike rack


List price: 600,00$
Price: 600,00$
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